Presentation Mode

Note: Presentation Mode is a paid add-on. Contact us if you’d like to activate a trial for your account. Some views which are being deprecated are not available to add to the presentation mode. 

Presentation Mode allows you to present live data from Ardoq in a simple way, and also to embed your interactive presentations outside of the tool. See (or share) our example presentation.

It can also be used as a shortcut to quickly access Workspaces you are currently working on, or popular views and dashboards.

Creating and Sharing Presentations

1. Launch the Presentation Editor

To open an existing Presentation, just click on the Presentation button in the upper right corner:

Ardoq presentation editor

2. Add the current view (could also be step 1 if you are creating a new presentation)

Choose the view of your data you’d like to add to a presentation, then click the “Add View as Slide to Presentation":

Ardoq add current view to presentation

To start building out a new presentation, click on the export icon and "Add to Presentation":

Ardoq build new presentation

It is also possible to add dashboards to your presentation! To do so, click the option-button (three vertical dots) on the dashboard you wish to add:

Ardoq add dashboards to presentations

3. Add details to your slide

You can add an optional description to each slide which will appear at the bottom of the slide. Remember to click on the Save icon. Use # for Headline text.

Ardoq add details to slide

Change/replace slides 

Need to make a small change to your slide’s visualization (or replace it)? Now you no longer have to recreate the slide and drag it back into the correct position - simply click the correct slide and update the view from there. To replace it with the current version, click the wheel-icon as shown below.

Ardoq change replace slides

4. Presentations and workspace filters

When you add a view that doesn't have workspace filters set, we add them automatically for you. This is to make sure everything in the view will be shown. Find out what specific filters you can apply in presentations to add new content.

To edit workspace filters you go to the perspectives tab and replace the slide as described above.

Ardoq edit workspace filters

5. Presentation settings

Go to the settings tab to edit the name of your presentation and define access rights. If you set the read access to “Everyone with a URL”, the presentation can be viewed by anyone with the URL without the person having to log into Ardoq. Read more about permissions to see who can access or edit your presentation.

Start the presentation by clicking on the purple play button next to the title. Grab the URL if you want to share it, link to it, or embed it somewhere.

Ardoq presentation settings

When looking at your Presentations

You can now navigate through slides and toggle the description with your keyboard, using the following shortcuts:

Next slide: Space , Enter , Right Arrow
Previous slide: Left Arrow
Toggle legend: L
Toggle description bar: D
Toggle explore mode: E
Toggle fullscreen mode: F
Zoom view to fit (if supported): Z 

Ardoq will also remember your preference for showing/hiding the
slide description.

Toggle Legend

In most views, you can toggle the legend when looking at your slides in Presentation mode. This is button is at the upper right corner and the legend showing component types, reference types, and formatting rules will pop up in the bottom right corner.

Ardoq presentation toggle legend

In the presentations, you only see components from the workspaces you had open when you created the slides. Make sure all workspaces included in your view are open.

You can save favorite Presentations for easy access in Home <3

Open the presentation overview and check the star to add it as a Favourite.

Ardoq presentation overview

It will now show in Home on the right side:

Ardoq favorite presentations

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