You can change the icons representing Components to custom images. Some users have gone so far as to document project team members and use profile pictures instead of icons.

Changing All Components of a Component Type:

Add images to document archive.

First, open the document archive by clicking the archive button at the top-right of Ardoq:

You can either drag and drop the images directly into the document archive or click upload ( 2 ).

Edit model

In the model window you can edit the current model you are using. Simply select “Manage component types and model"” from the main menu:

Choose the component you want to change, and choose from previously uploaded images. In the example below, we change the application component to show a Image instead of the Icon chosen previously. 

After selecting the Image, just exit the screen as it auto saves.

All your components of that type will now be updated!

Changing a single component icon

If you would like to edit a single component, right click the component and select “Edit Style”:

Select Image

Now simply select your uploaded image and click “Change” to save the change.

Drag and drop

Alternatively, you can simply drag an image file directly onto a component to update it, as seen in the video below:

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