Administrate Organization

If your Ardoq account has adequate permissions, you can manage your organization. Otherwise, you can only edit your profile.

From the dashboard, click on the Organization dropdown to select one Organization to administer. Normally you only have access to one Organization.

  1. Click Dropdown

  2. Select your other organization

Ardoq organization

Manage organization

From the preferences menu on the left side of the app, select “Manage current organization”:

From the manage organization window you can:

  1. Review and update contact info

  2. View and add Admins to the organization

  3. View and add new users to the organization

  4. Link your Jira account

  5. Manage your field definitions

  6. Review the view migrations (if any)

  7. Mange Webhooks

  8. If you have access to configure bundles, this is where you manage them.

Ardoq edit organization

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