Answer 3 questions before inputting data

Before you start filling Ardoq with data, answer these three questions:

1. What do you want to learn from your documentation?

Often we meet companies who know that they want to document, but have not reflected on what they need to document, who is the documentation for and why is it important.

2. What is the appropriate level of detail?

Give some thought to what level of detail is necessary in order to get the answers you are looking for. We often see users wanting to document down to the finest details detail at first, only to realize that keeping such detailed documentation up-to-date would not be sustainable. Therefore choose a granularity that you can justify. The answer to this question might depend on the answer to #1, as well as on who will be reading the documentation.

3. Do you have any structured data sources?

Don’t forget that data can be imported automatically via Ardoq’s REST API, as long as it exists in a structured format. Do you have any systems (e.g. a CMDB) from which you can export data? This data can very likely be imported and visualized in Ardoq. Give yourself a head start and save yourself from having to manually input data that can easily be imported. Read about our API and integrations here.

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