Add a description to your workspace

When you open a workspace, in the Pages view, at the very top, next to the workspace name there is an editing icon that opens a description field. We see time and time again that users leave this field empty. However, it serves a very specific purpose: In it, you should describe:

  • what is to be documented in that workspace,

  • what should be documented elsewhere (and where relevant, point to where)

  • and how to interpret the data model (how each component type is defined,

  • what elements do not belong in this workspace (where relevant, point to where),

  • what kind of relationship/integration/dependency does each reference type represent etc.).

This information is necessary to ensure that the quality of your documentation remains high.

Open Edit Workspace Properties by either right-clicking on the Workspace in the Navigator or choosing it from the Main Menu on the left side. Click on Edit Description.

Ardoq edit workspace description
Ardoq workspace description

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