We offer a REST API to all users, which allows you to create custom integrations with any data source or toolset that is able to connect via API. So the answer to “does Ardoq integrate with X?” is usually yes. We do offer some integrations without any coding required.

Does Ardoq integrate with…


Not directly, however many of our customers embed presentations of your Ardoq data in Confluence pages (or any other webpage).


While we do consider Ardoq to be a viable Visio alternative, we don’t offer any sort of integration with Visio, nor the ability to import .VSD or other Visio file formats. If you can export your Visio data into a structured format, you can import it into a new workspace in Ardoq using the Excel import tool.


One of our users has created a Python library to import ArchiMate Exchange files into Ardoq. Check out his Ardoq-Archimate Github library.

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