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How to visualize your data

A number of out-of-the-box visualizations are provided by Ardoq. 

A great place to start, and firm customer favorites:

  • Process flow - shows the relationships in sequential order from the current context as the starting point. The process flow also captures implicit relationships from other workspaces.
  • Dependency map - this view shows components and their parent-child hierarchy in horizontal lanes. Outgoing references are shown as circular items.

Other views include:

  • Pages - shows all the components in the current context.
  • Tagscape - gives you an overview of all the tags and which references and components are tagged.
  • Component tree - shows an expandable hierarchical tree of all the components in the workspace.
  • Dependency wheel - shows all components linked to each other in current workspace.
  • Treemap - shows a zoomable treemap of all the components in the current workspace. Good for aggregation of field values.
  • Relationships - shows a complete overview of all relationships in the workspaces or the given context.
  • Swimlanes - shows a similar view as the process flow however the parents are included to give a better overview.
  • Roadmap view - use list field on both axis to build a matrix of the combinations.
  • Tables - a table is still excellent for displaying the data.
  • Dependency matrix - good place to mass create references.
  • Jira - allows you to create new issues, gain an overview of issues and see visualization of the statistics. This is also context sensitive.
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