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How to visualize your data

A number of out-of-the-box visualizations are provided by Ardoq. 

Ardoq visualize data

A great place to start, and firm customer favorites:

  • Block Diagram - The block diagram is a very generic view to display any kind of graph data. The view follows your current context and depending on how you have managed the view modifiers options and perspectives, the components it is connected to. 
  • Dependency map - this view shows components and their parent-child hierarchy in horizontal lanes. Outgoing references are shown as circular items.
  • Component Matrix - List Components in Multiple Grouping Dimensions

Other views include:

  • Pages - shows all the components in the current context.
  • Tagscape - gives you an overview of all the tags and which references and components are tagged.
  • Component tree - shows an expandable hierarchical tree of all the components in the workspace.
  • Dependency wheel - shows all components linked to each other in the current workspace.
  • Treemap - shows a zoomable view of all the components in the current workspace. Good for aggregation of field values.
  • Relationships - shows a complete overview of all relationships in the workspaces or the given context.
  • Swimlanes - shows a similar view as the block diagram, but with components arranged in horizontal or vertical lanes.
  • Roadmap view - use a list field on both axes to build a matrix of the combinations.
  • Tables - a table is still an excellent place for displaying data.
  • Reference Table - shows references in a tabular view.
  • Dependency matrix - a good place to mass create references.
  • Jira - allows you to create new issues, gain an overview of issues, and visualize statistics. This is also context sensitive.
  • Spider Chart - shows one or more numeric fields as a series, touching the axis of each component in context.
  • Capability Map - a specialized visualization for viewing business capabilities.
  • Bubble Chart - shows components positioned and sized according to 3 numeric fields.

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