The Home Screen gives you an instant overview of all your Workspaces, Presentations, Metamodels, and Surveys in Ardoq.

Ardoq home screen

From the Home Screen, you can...

  1. Gain an overview of all the Workspaces and other assets you have access to.

  2. View when the assets were modified and by whom.

  3. Access your favorite presentations, and other favorite assets

  4. Use the asset type filter "chips" to narrow down and find your assets 

  5. Manage all your assets into Folders.

Ardoq workspaces

By clicking the gear icon to the right of the asset you will be able to:

  1. Edit the details of the workspace or folder

  2. Manage the access permissions

  3. View change history

  4. Copy the workspace or folder of workspaces

  5. Delete the asset or folder

Clicking the name of an asset will always open the asset within Ardoq. For presentations, there is an option to play the presentation when hovering the line.
For surveys, you can open the survey interface by clicking open when hovering the survey line.

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