Copying or branching workspaces

A workspace can be copied to do analysis or “versioned”. You can branch your workspace from the dashboard.

From the Dashboard find the Workspace you wish to copy / branch.

  1. Click the settings icon for the workspace.
  2. Select “Copy” from the dropdown.
  3. Give it a new name and save.
Ardoq copying workspace


If you need to delete references or components after copying, please click on the name of the Workspace in the Navigator on the left side, open the Grid Editor, and check show all to see everything. Now you can delete one or more in an easy way.

Copy workspace to another organization

If you have two organizations, you can copy workspaces between them. Either one and one, or several in one batch.

First, make sure you are an Administrator in both Workspaces. Then go to the Workspace Menu (in the organization you want to copy FROM) on the left side and choose Copy to organization:

Ardoq copy to organization

Select the organization you want to copy to, and check all the Workspaces you want to copy over.

Ardoq copy workspace to organization

Then click COPY at the very bottom of the window.

Now all the selected Workspaces should be copied over.

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