You can decide who has read or write access to individual workspaces, and you can set permissions for multiple workspaces at once.

Minimum workspace permissions

Minimum workspace permissions determine the minimum access the users in your organization will have. You can give explicit users more access, but no user will have less access than the minimum. For example, you can allow all users to read and add explicit users that can write. The only exception is that an Ardoq read user will never have more access than read permissions.

Changing minimum workspace permissions

From the dashboard, click the 3-dot menu of the workspace you’d like to change minimum permissions for, then click on “Permissions”:

From the resulting screen, you can grant permissions to existing Ardoq users (read how to invite new users), or change the minimum workspace permissions:

Granting existing users permissions to multiple workspaces

If you would like to give an individual user or users permission to read or write a group of multiple workspaces, you can do so from the dashboard.

List of workspaces

Check the boxes to the left of each workspace you would like to grant access to, then click the “Set permissions” button:

Workspace folders

By clicking the 3-dot menu of a folder and selecting “Permissions”, you will set permissions for all workspaces within that folder.

Note: This does not set permissions for any new workspaces created in that folder, only those existing when you set permissions.

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