Key words: Data Entry, Excel, Grid Editor, Columns.

Grid Editor

The Grid Editor is a spreadsheet or grid-like editor that allows you to edit and add new Components and References. The fields that are editable are shown in the column headers. You can toggle the grid editor using the button at the top-right of the application or find it at the very bottom of your screen.

Context sensitive

The grid editor will allow you to edit the children components of your current context, however if the context component can’t have children, it will display the siblings. If your context is the Workspace, you will see the Parents.

For References it is the same principle as you will see Source Components first.

Choose between Components and References at the top of the editor.

Toggle columns

On the second top row of the grid editor you are presented with three buttons. From here you can show all components (removing current context filter), view and edit all columns and fields, and finally, add new fields.

Bulk Editing

If you want to change a field value on many components at the same time, you can click the corner of the cell and drag over all the rows you want to copy the value into. This works well if you sort on a specific field (clicking the column header) or by using perspectives to filter the components you want to edit.

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