** The Process Flow view is being removed. Please see the Block Diagram for an improved version of this view. In the meantime, the view will be available to existing customers however, you will not be able to create new presentations with this view.**

The process flow is one of the most used views in Ardoq. It gives you a full view the Components and References, and how they are connected. 

This view can be quit messy if you have a lot of data in Ardoq, so ask us for best practices for perspectives in this View to get the view the way you want it. As a rule, Ardoq draws out the Process Flow with the least amount of references crossing each other.

The shapes and colors in the Process Flows are defined by the component types’ shapes in the workspace model. Same with references.

In the menu at the top left of your window, you have options to alter your view.

The first two options lets your turn you Process Flow 90 or 180 degrees to find the correct way to display it. It could be left to right, right to left, top to down, or down to top.

The second option is to show "the entire graph". This means showing everything the current context (Online Order Process) is connected to in the open Workspace, and one step into other workspaces. To see more, open all Workspaces.

Hierarchical grouping shows you the grouping rules you applied hierarchically.

Last option is incoming degrees of relationships - drag this up to 10, to show the data leading up to your current context, if you have any.

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