Add Jira view

Add the Jira view to your workspace by selecting from the “Manage Views” menu:

Link workspace to a Jira Project

Create new issues linked to current component

Change description and issue type

  1. Name is automatically filled with the current component name
  2. Description is automatically filled with the current component contents
  3. Select the Issue type you wish to create
  4. Depending on issue type, and your project model other fields may appear differently.

If your Jira project requires additional fields for a new issue creation, those will appear here as well.

Created issue is added automatically

View all linked issues from this workspace to the selected project

Issues are context sensitive

Which issues to show are based your current context.

Filter issues based on status

Show issue statistics based on current context

The statistics view shows the number of issues based on their status.

Show Jira Components

This view show which Jira Components exists for the Current Jira Project and the number of issues registered on the Jira Component.

Detailed view of Jira Component

  1. Click on View in Jira to view Component in Jira.
  2. Pages: section shows which components in Ardoq that are linked to the current component.
  3. Which Jira Issues that belongs to the current Jira Component.

Edit an Ardoq Component to link and unlink Jira Components and Issues

You can also edit components in Ardoq by right clicking on the component, and link it to Jira Components or Issues.

Hover the option gear to view Jira Options

You can disconnect or refresh data from Jira in the Gear view.

Refresh data from Jira or Disconnect project

You can always reconnect the project if you disconnect it. No data is lost.

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