What is this workspace template for?

This workspace contains the full list of data in your organization. Data Entities are comprised of Partial Entities—for example, you may have an Entity component called “Billing information” that consists of the Partial Entities “Name”, “Address”, and “Credit card number”.

These Entities are referenced by the processes, databases, and applications that collect, use, store, own, or duplicate the data.

Component types contained in this template

  • Entity

  • Partial entity

Reference types contained in this template

  • Consists of

Fields contained in this template

  • Personal data (checkbox)

How to…

List all the data entities you handle. If possible, document your information architecture:

  1. For this purpose, use the component type “Entity”.

  2. If relevant, document which partial entities constitute each data entity, using the component type “Partial entity”.

  3. Document whether each category constitutes personal data or not by checking (or leaving unchecked) the field “Personal data (checkbox)”.

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