What is this workspace template for?

In the Roles workspace, you can document job roles like IT Architect, Marketing Manager, Sales Executive, etc., that have access to your organization’s sensitive data. The roles should be specific enough that each one has a unique set of data permissions and departments, but you don’t have to build out your whole org chart (though you can if that’s useful).

Component types contained in this template

  • Role

Reference types contained in this template

  • Uses

  • Owns

  • Depends on

Fields contained in this template


How to…

Connect roles to the applications and processes that they use, own, or depend on:

  1. Open the following workspaces: “Internal Applications”, “External Applications”, “Processing Activities”, and “Roles”

  2. Identify the relevant “Application/External Application” or “Business Process” components that a role has a relationship with.

  3. Create a reference between the role and the application or process that they have a relationship to. Choose the reference type to reflect whether they use, own, or depend on the application or process.

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