What is this workspace template for?

Policies must be maintained and updated to demonstrate compliance, so it’s important to keep them updated in your documentation.

You can choose to link Policies to more detailed compliance processes which go into more detail on how the policy is actually implemented. This can be documented using the standard Business Process model.

Component types contained in this template

  • Policy: Document your policies relevant to the regulation. For example, security, retention, deletion etc.

Reference types contained in this template

  • Governs
  • Related to
  • Depends on

Fields contained in this template


How to…

Connect the Policies to the systems, data categories, or processes that they relate to using the “Governs” reference type. You may choose to document the text of the policy or link to the document in an external system. If you wish to link to an external document, we recommend adding a field of type URL to the policies.

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