NB: This article will focus on creating a new workspace. Learn what a workspace is here and find out how you can manage communication, permissions, and collaboration.

How to Create a Workspace

  1. Navigate to the 'Home' page and click on the 'Create new' button.

  2. Select 'Workspace' from the dropdown. It will take you to the metamodel templates page.

    Ardoq how to create a workspace

  3. Click 'Choose' on the metamodel template that best suits your needs or create a new one. You can build your own metamodel by selecting the 'Blank Workspace' template under the 'Business' tab.

    Ardoq choose metamodel template for workspace
  4. Give your workspace a name in the 'Edit workspace properties' menu.

  5. Done! You are now ready to start adding data, whether that's components, references or fields.

If you still have questions or need more information, drop us a line in our in-app chat.

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