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How to Make a Workspace

This article will focus on creating a new Workspace. Read the basics on workspaces and find out how you can manage communication, permissions, and collaboration.

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A new Workspace is made by clicking the 'Create new' button in your home screen and selecting 'Workspace'. This takes you to the workspace templates available. Here, you choose the model you want to use. You can either choose to use one of the templates available in Ardoq or build your own. If you want to build your own model, the 'Blank Workspace' is available under the 'Business' tab. Find your model and click on 'CHOOSE'.

Give your workspace an appropriate name in the workspace options, and you can start to add data in the form of components, references, and fields.

You should be good to go now. If you still have questions or need more information, browse our Knowledge Base or reach out to us from our website or using in-app chat.

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