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How to create references

This article consists of three parts:

  • Create a reference between two components
  • Create a new reference type
  • Edit a reference type

Let's start with how you create a reference between two components.

A reference documents a dependency between two components. Each reference has a source component and a target component.

To create a reference, hover the cursor over the source component in the component list on the left hand-side of the screen. When doing so a link icon will appear to the right of the component name. Click on this link icon.

Without holding the mouse button down, move the cursor to the target component and click on it. This will open a "Create Reference" wizard on the right-hand side of the screen.

Select which type of reference you are creating from the drop-down list. The alternatives in the list are those defined in the model for this workspace. Click save.

How to create a new reference type

In the two last sections we will teach you how to create and change the reference types. The reference types are linked to the Workspace, and is only available there. This will help you document consistently which is important to optimize filtering and view output. We highly recommend being as specific as possible when working with references, to make filtering and working with the views easier for you when you have a lot of data. If in doubt, two unique references are better than one.

First, make sure you have the Workspace you want to create references from open (the source Workspace), and that you have chosen that as your context before moving on to the next step.

To create, edit, and delete new reference types, go to the main menu (upper right corner), choose the Workspace tab and click on 'Manage Reference Types'.

Ardoq manage reference types

Here you see all your reference types, and you create an new by clicking on 'ADD REFERENCE TYPE' at the bottom. Our best practice is to make it as specific as possible, like shown below.

Ardow reference type example

Remember that the Workspace you are creating reference types for, is where your source component types are. So the arrow is going out from components in this Workspace.

Tip: References can also have Fields, just create a field and make sure it is set for a reference type.

How to change reference types

Editing references is done in the same place as described above ('Menu' -> 'Manage reference types').

The list shown will be either the reference types available in the template chosen or the ones you already have made. Both editing and deleting is managed here. Click 'EDIT' to change the reference type. This brings up the same form as when you made the reference type. This brings up the same form as when you made the reference type, now with options to edit and save.

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