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Surveys can be a great tool for including more users to contributing with data, without having to learn how to use Ardoq. This is especially good for gathering data from the Business side of your organization, as the Surveys look like any other google form with explanatory text. 

You can create Surveys for specific users/users groups, and they will only have access to create or update what you decide. Hidden fields give you the possibility to make sure you can easily find anything coming from the Surveys.

To create a new Survey, you have two options. Either create it from scratch or create it “automatically”. “Automatically” in this case, means you auto-generate it from a component and get the type, Workspace, all fields, and all references associated with that component as Survey questions. To learn more about creating Surveys, please check out the videos below:

Run-through of Survey functionality and manual creation of a Survey

Automatically create a Survey

Permission control and sharing Surveys

After your Survey is finished and you want to share it with the contributor(s), open the Survey admin panel by clicking on it on the left Menu:

ardoq surveys contributors

Now you see which Surveys are live and not when each survey was last updated, and additional options when clicking on the three-dotted lines.

Ardoq surveys permissions

You can now choose which users can access the Survey (they still need the URL), or only specific users. Note that only Ardoq Users can get access, but as Survey permissions override workspace permissions, a user with read permissions can still contribute via the Survey.

Ardoq surveys default permissions

After the correct user(s) have access, you share the URL found at the URL bar when you open the Survey you want to share.

Ardoq survey URL

Markdown in Survey Descriptions is supported to facilitate easier conversations with your organization. 

Ardoq surveys markdown

Create meaningful survey questions by adding visual guidance.

Ardoq survey questions

Need a markdown cheat sheet? We recommend the following —

Note: Ardoq does not support HTML tags in markdown.

Result filtering

In the final section of the survey admin is called Result Filtering. Here you can limit which components will be visible for the survey taker to document.

Ardoq survey results filtering

By default, when taking the survey, the components which can be documented will be displayed like this:

Ardoq surveys components

Checking the ENABLE FILTERING checkbox will give you access to two different result filtering types. The default choice is FILTERING BY HIERARCHY (PARENT).

Ardoq surveys filtering hierarchy

Hierarchy filtering can come in handy when working with multi-layer component structures. It does not in any way limit what components are available for the survey takers to document, but adds a hierarchy navigator to the left of the survey, making it easier to show just the components which are relevant to the survey taker.

In the following example, we have a survey used to document what technologies the employees in different countries are familiar with. Imagine that you work in England and want to document which technologies you are familiar with. Rather than having to scroll through the worldwide list of employees, you can simply click England in the hierarchy navigator, and only components corresponding to employees in England will be shown:

Ardoq surveys example

The other result filtering option is called FILTERING BY REFERENCED COMPONENTS

Ardoq surveys filtering referenced components

This option lets the user select which group of components to show based on which components they reference, or are referenced by. This can be useful when component groups are defined by references, rather than the hierarchy. In the following example, the result filtering is defined by which technology is referenced. For the survey taker, this will be shown as a navigator to the left of the screen, where it is possible to select a technology. Selecting a technology will show all the components which already exist and can be documented by the survey, which are connected to that technology.

Ardoq surveys technology

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or need more help with creating the perfect Surveys for your organization!

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