Webhooks allow you to register custom "callbacks" that will be called with an HTTP POST request whenever something changes in Ardoq. Webhooks must be enabled by Ardoq for your organization; email us or reach out via chat to request access.

Getting Started

To install, first go to the Manage organization dialog as shown below (you may need to refresh Ardoq first):

Ardoq manage organization

Then select the webhooks menu and enter your webhook details:

Ardow webhooks

TIP: You can test the webhooks functionality using 3rd-party webservices which allow you to preview the contents. However, be aware that your Ardoq data may be exposed to these services, so use them inline with your corporate data security guidelines.

Note: You must be an admin of your Ardoq organization to setup webhooks

Request Format

Here's an example POST request made to a webhook:

  "resource-type": "workspace",
  "resource-id": "5857d0f072fa6d5f475cf917",
  "event-type": "create”,
  "organization": "57e4d10172fa6d7c41720d7c",
  "organization-label": "demoerik",
  "data": {
    … //workspace document
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