Advanced Search

Located in the menu on the left side, you find Search. This takes you to Advanced Search, as well as the Graph Search/Report builder.

Advanced search is a way to sort and find relevant data based on what you have documented in Ardoq. You can do simple searches or search for multiple data sets for more specific results.

First you choose if you are looking for a Workspace, Component or Reference, and if you want the result to match all or any of the rules you create. Then add what you are looking for and see the results.

You can search for components or references of a certain type or with specific field values. Examples:

  • Components in workspace “Application services” that don’t have a “Criticality” value
  • References of type “Uses” that have a specific tag
  • Components that are either “Capability” or “Strategic Capability”
  • Components that have the “State” field with the value “AS-IS” and is either an “Application” or a “Service”
  • Workspaces that were created in October

Simple search

Search for only one thing:

Here we search for all Workspaces created between 30. September 2018 and 01. November 2018.

Search for all components with a specific field value.

Multiple data sets

To search for multiple data sets, add as many rows of search rules as you need. 

See examples below:

Components that have the “State” field with the value “AS-IS” and is either an “Application” or a “Service”

Components in workspace “Application services” that don’t have a “Criticality” value


If you have our reporting feature, you can save Advanced Searches and use them in Dashboards.

Common questions

You have added or removed a field that is being used in a saved search or a widget

This may cause one of the following things:

  • Your saved search or widget is showing 0 results
  • Your widget changed is showing a number instead of an sum or average
  • Your widget is showing different periods of history for different fields

My saved search is not returning any results anymore

You have had a saved search for a long time that usually have returned results, but suddenly it gives 0 results. This may be because you have removed a field on that component or reference, that was specified in the search.

In example, if you have searched for “All components with a criticality of High” and you remove the criticality field and replace it with two fields: “Criticality list” and “Criticality number”. The original search will not return any values because there is no components with “Criticality” field 

My widget is not showing full history

When you save a query, we start snapshotting it at a nightly basis. Still, you might have incomplete history because you have added a field to your component or reference at a later point. 

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