Presentations Permissions

Read permissions

You have three read permissions for your presentations:

  • Only me
  • Use Workspace Permissions
  • Everyone with the URL

For "Only me" presentations, the same components are shown in app as in the presentation for the presentation's creator and all organization admins.

For "Use Workspace Permissions" presentation, what the viewer sees is dependent on the viewers permissions rights to the workspaces in the presentation. Viewers that have read access to all workspaces will see everything.  If the viewer don't have access to the selected workspace, they will not see the slide.

As an example, if a presentation shows components from "Business Processes" and "Application Services" and the viewer does not have read access to "Business Processes", the viewer will not see components from that workspace.

For "Everyone with the URL" presentations, everyone will see the same components in the presentation. Only organization admins can set a presentation to public.

Write permissions

You have two write permissions for your presentations:

  • Only me
  • My organization

For "Only me", then only the creator and all organization admins can edit presentations.

For "My organization" users with read access to the presentation can edit the presentation.

If the presentation is set to public, only organization admins can change the access rights.

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