In Dashboards you can get a high level overview of your data. Dashboards have widgets that can show data from an advanced search, a report or a survey. You can make several different widgets out of the same underlying data.

Advanced Search Widgets

Note: Saving an advanced search is a paid add-on.

When you have a saved advanced search, you can display the results in a widget and make calculations on number field values and group by on list fields. You can also track how the data changes over time. The same search can be used in multiple widget to show different fields.

To the left you can see the total operating cost of all applications, and to the right you can see applications by their criticality.

Under "select field" you can select either number fields that you can sum or average, or you can select a list field that can be shown in a pie chart.

Graph Search Widgets

Note: Graph Search is a paid add-on.

To find more complex relations in you data, you can use graph search. The results can be displayed in a dashboards widget, where you can track the progress over time. Currently we don't support aggregation on reports, but gremlin supports aggregation directly in the query.

Survey Widgets

Note: Surveys are a paid add-on.
To track the progress of a survey, you can have widgets showing how many of the responses are valid or not, or an overview of the different answers to a question.

To the left you can see the overall validation of responses to a survey, and on the right you can see the different responses to a specific question.

At the first input "Select datasource", you select the survey and in "Select field" you select which field the answers map to.

How far back does the timeline go?

When you save a report or search, or create a survey, we start capturing daily snapshots of the data. 

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