Zapier is a web automation platform that allows users to integrate and automate workflows across multiple Cloud tools. The big benefit of Zapier is that it makes it possible to integrate tools that don't have direct integrations, as long as they expose actions and triggers via Zapier. More than 1000 cloud applications have exposed their APIs via Zapier, which opens up many interesting integration opportunities for Ardoq customers.

Ardoq's Zapier integration exposes a set of actions i.e. "create component" as well as webhooks that can be used to trigger "downstream" behavior in other tools.

A somewhat contrived example can be seen below. It creates a component in Ardoq every time a new email matching a particular search is received by a shared email inbox

Ardoq's Zapier integration is currently invite-only, please reach out if you are interested in trying it.

Ardoq Zapier integration

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