Now that we have the model in place we need to fill in the data accordingly, or update existing data.

If you have any  questions about how to create a survey, please check out this article which will give you more information about that.

From Business Questions to Ardoq Model - Surveys

First I am going to create a survey based on one of my Application components. This is just a shortcut, to get a template with the same type, fields and references as the component we create it from.

Then I make sure all my survey questions are correct, and written in natural language so anyone reading it understands what they are suppose to do. I also check all my questions as required to see where we are missing information in the survey overview (below).

Applications with ! in status, is missing one or more required questions (fields, references etc.)

Webshop was marked as not complete, so I have clicked it to fill out what is missing:

Mark it as live, send it to the relevant people, and have them fill in the gaps (or register missing Applications).

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