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Ardoq bubble chart

Bubble chart

Our new Bubble Chart enables you to see any Component Type: Applications, Business Capabilities, Vendors, Projects, positioned by two fields on the axis and sized by a third field. So, for example, you can position your applications into quadrants by their Business and Technical Fit, size them by their cost, and color them by their overall strategic rating. It gives an immediately understandable and actionable view of the value large numbers of components.

Ardoq capability map

Capability map

Ardoq’s Capability Map is unique in that, for the first time, it gives you full control over the layout of your block-diagram visualizations like Business Capability Models and Technical Reference Models. Now you can layout your most important architecture models exactly as you would in PowerPoint or Visio. It’s rapidly becoming one of our most popular visualizations. 

Ardoq dashboards in presentations

Dashboards in Presentations

Do you have dashboards and want to show them to someone that’s not a user in Ardoq? Now you can add them to your presentations and distribute them to your stakeholders as with any other presentation.

New best practice articles 

Saved configuration of Excel import

Are you regularly using the same import but tired of repeating the configuration every time? Now you can save the configuration of an import and use it again for an updated sheet at any other time.

Early Access

Best Practice: Application Portfolio Management 

We are proud to launch the first of many out-of-the-box use cases. Application Portfolio Management (APM) is one of our customers’ highest priority reasons for procuring Ardoq, but in the past you had to decide how to do it yourself. We’ve listened to the feedback and the new out-of-the-box use case is based on Best Practice of Ardoq. The new feature is available at no extra cost to all Ardoq customers and comprises:

  • A guided tour of Application Portfolio Management concepts and assets in Ardoq

  • A predefined metamodel and properties for modelling your application portfolio

  • Ready-made surveys and excel templates for loading your application data into Ardoq

  • Predefined Dashboards, Visualizations and Analytics for managing and analyzing your application portfolio, as well as for managing the data quality

  • Pre-loaded Business and Capability Reference Models you can use to categorise your applications and identify gaps or overlaps

  • Predefined Presentations you can use to share your insight with stakeholders across the organisation

The result is reduced time-to-value for customers getting started. At the same time we are preserving all the flexibility that our longtime customers love. 

Explorer view (BETA)

Contact us if you want to try out the new Explorer view. This is specialized for showing structures in large amounts of data.

ServiceNow two-way integration

We are developing a two-way integration with ServiceNow and would like more customers to test it out. Please contact us for more information.

Graph filters

We are leveraging our gremlin graph capabilities to have them exposable as filters in visualisations. Contact us if you would like to test.

Under way

  • Calculated fields

  • Better grouping logic in process flow

  • New view: Timeline view

  • A new field type: Date range field

  • Autogenerated Data Model

  • In app guiding and tutorials

Highlights from previous updates

  • Export to Excel

  • Bulk reverse references

  • Custom color picker

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