Your organization needs to be on a sub-domain (example: <<your org>>

Supported SSO solutions / integrations

Ardoq supports SSO with OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect, and SAML protocols.

Integration with Azure Active Directory is also supported.

2-factor authentication

Ardoq relies on our SSO providers for 2-factor authentication. The setup can not be done within Ardoq and is entirely configured within the SSO provider.

Roles and User groups

Currently, only our Azure AD integration supports role assignments from the IDP. Group assignments can be optionally added in SAML integrations.

We're in the process of extending support for both Role and Group assignments for more identity providers, both for SAML and OAuth. To support this, the IDP must be able to provide the group and role information. For existing integrations this will be done on a customer by customer basis.

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