Timeline View

Plan your application lifecycles and projects with our new Timeline View 🎉 This will enable you to easily communicate your application roadmap, project roll-outs or even capability maturing. With our versatile grouping, you can visualise dependencies across domains: how your projects affect your applications and capabilities, how your applications rely on third-party technology that’s being phased out. Read everything there is to know about timeline view to learn more.

Ardoq timeline view

Date Range field

To visualise phases and other date ranges in the timeline view, we have made a new field type to make it easy for you to maintain this data.

Calculated fields

Want to know what the total cost of your capabilities, summed up from everything from applications, infrastructure to projects? Or calculate technical and business fit for the TIME rating? This is now possible with our advanced calculated fields that can leverage the connectedness of graph data. These calculated fields are possible to use with any of our existing visualisations, like bubble chart, timeline, tables or pages view. Combine them with conditional formatting to easily highlight values that are of importance, such as high cost or high risks.

NB! Calculated fields are only available for customers with the paid add-on Analytics and Reporting. Contact us for more information.

An example of a business and technical fit calculation:

Ardoq business and technical fit calculation

Application Portfolio Management

Ardoq application portfolio management

We are proud to launch the first of many out-of-the-box use cases. The new feature is available at no extra cost to all Ardoq customers and comprises of:

  • A guided tour of Application Portfolio Management concepts and assets in Ardoq

  • A predefined metamodel and properties for modelling your application portfolio

  • Ready-made surveys and excel templates for loading your application data into Ardoq

  • Predefined Dashboards, Visualizations and Analytics for managing and analyzing your application portfolio, as well as for managing the data quality

  • Pre-loaded Capability Reference Models you can use to categorise your applications and identify gaps or overlaps

  • Predefined Presentations you can use to share your insight with stakeholders across the organisation

The result is reduced time-to-value for customers getting started, all the while we are preserving all the flexibility that our longtime customers love.

Vertical Swimlanes

You can now flip your Swimlanes 90º 🔁We also reduced the padding in the swimlanes so they don't take up so much space.

Ardoq vertical swimlanes

Name the squares in Bubble chart

Tired of TIME? Now you can choose yourself what the naming of the four quadrants in the Bubble chart to anything you want.

Early Access

Here are some features still under development. These features will change, but will not affect your data. Let us know if you want to get early access.

Autogenerated Data Model

Ardoq autogenerated model

Want to see on a high level how your data is connected across workspaces? Now you can simply create a data model on a group of workspaces and get an overview of reference and field completion.

Nested Folders and Left Menu Improvements

Ardoq nested folders

Nested folders, filtering, and drag and drop are improved to better organise and access workspaces for your initiatives. We've upgraded the left menu navigation to enhance stability and efficiency. It will also be easier to return to the last state so you can easily continue where you left off.

Dynamic Filters

We are leveraging our gremlin graph capabilities to have them exposable as filters in visualisations.

Improved Process Flow grouping

Process flow and grouping are getting an overhaul in terms of consistency and ease of use.

Let us know if you want to try out any of these features!

Under way

Apart from what's in early access, we are also working on:

  • Pages view upgrades

  • Two-way ServiceNow integration

  • AWS integration

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