As your data set grows, we have noticed the need to maintain on overview and understand where you have islands of unconnected data, missing information as well as data that might break your "design principles". To help gain an overview you automatically generate metamodels based on your data. You can also add metamodels to presentations!

This can be used for:

  • Data Governance
  • Metamodel Overview and Insights 
  • Data Completeness Scores on Fields and References 
Ardoq meta model organization

Metamodels are a higher level overview of your data, that groups components and references by type. This lets you at a glance discover problems with your data more easily. For example, we can easily see if the data has relationships that cause noise, or if there are missing data connections.

Creating a metamodel

While it is possible to simply show the metamodel of your entire organization, you can also create metamodels out of a given list of workspaces or folder: 

Ardoq creating a metamodel

This is a good way of limiting what to show in the metamodel, but be aware that references that point to components outside of the selected workspaces will not be shown!

The sidebar

Ardoq metamodel sidebar

By drilling down we can get more details, like how many components of a selected type are missing values for a field, or how many components are missing a certain reference type.

By drilling even further down on the completion rate on a specific field or reference we can see the list of components or references and their data completeness. This way it's easy to start filling in gaps in your data.

Field completion rate

Ardoq metamodel field completion rate

When clicking on a component- or reference type, you can see a list of fields that are added to the type, and the number of entities that are missing a value for the selected field.

Reference completion rate 

Ardoq metamodel reference completion rate

In the same vein as field completion rate, you are also able to click on the "Reference completion" bar to see a list of components of a given type that either has, or is missing, a reference of a given type.
Reference completion for a reference type is displayed only if there is already at least one reference of that type present. This way we avoid showing reference types that are irrelevant.

You can easily use the metamodel to navigate to workspaces, components or references. Either click on the title in the sidebar to open a workspace (or multiple workspaces when looking at a folder), or click on a component or reference in the search results for field or reference completion.


It's also possible to add metamodels to your presentations! 

You can find the presentation button on the top right and from there add your metamodels to existing presentations. 

*Pro tip: This can be useful to give some context to what others are viewing in the rest of the presentation. 

Ardoq add metamodels to presentations

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