As a Christmas gift to you, you can get early access to our upcoming features as beta customer ­čÄäBeta customer will get the improvements incrementally and can give feedback as we go. Contact us to get access, so we can improve Ardoq with your best interests in mind. Below are a selected few of our upcoming improvements, and here's our full Product Roadmap.┬á

Read below and let us know now if you're interested . The next round of beta customers will get access to our new features 6. January.

Ardoq happy holidays 2019

Early Access

Improved Asset Management 

We're making it easier for your to find what your are working on, by making you able to access everything from Home.

Survey Improvements

Support for hierarchies, rich text editor, multiple component types and more are being developed right now.

Coming Up 

As-Is & To-Be - Modelling Future States

We are investigating how you can explore potential to-be's and easily compare and communicate your plans with your stakeholders. This will be a big project, and we would like all the insight about your and your company's needs to make this the best we can.

Ardoq as-is to-be modelling future states

Survey Invites and Reminders

We're making it easier for you to gather information from your organisation by adding in-app support for invitations and automatic reminders to respond to surveys.

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