January got off with a bang and the entire Ardoq team met in Oslo to kick off the year. This included 3(!) new team members joining the product team. We spent a good amount of time cleaning up some of our backlog and kicking off some much sought-after improvements.

Ardoq team January 2020

With all the updates to the product and tech teams, it is important to keep pace with the speed of product development. This is why we have our product roadmap available for all paying customers. After logging in to Ardoq, you can find the portal under the help menu on the bottom left. 

Ardoq product portal

Newly Released

Improved Excel Importer

The Excel importer now supports comma separated values to create multiple references at once. In addition, we removed a handful of critical issues and improved the overall performance and stability of the importer.

Early Access

AWS Integration

With our first beta integration for AWS, you can connect your EC2 cloud with Ardoq to pull a variety of components, all of their fields and tags, and their references. 

Survey Improvements

Support for hierarchies, rich text editor, multiple component types and more are being developed right now.

ServiceNow Integration

Our ServiceNow Integration will now support two-way integrations allowing you to manage and enrich your data in either Ardoq or ServiceNow. Once the certification process is completed, you will no longer need admin rights to manage your integration.

Coming Up 

Out of the Box Business Capability Mapping Best Practices

We have seen the value in providing more guidance and pre-configured packages for common use cases. We started with APM (soon to be upgraded) and now we are rolling out BCM. This includes OOB surveys, presentations, reference models (multiple industries!) and dashboards. Keep an eye on these developments as we will be announcing many more soon!

Ardoq out of the box business capability mapping best practices

As-Is & To-Be - Modelling Future States

We are investigating how you can explore potential to-be's and easily compare and communicate your plans with your stakeholders. This will be a big project, and we would like all the insight about your and your company's needs to make this the best we can.

Ardoq as-is to-be modelling future states

Survey Invites and Reminders

We're making it easier for you to gather information from your organisation by adding in-app support for invitations and automatic reminders to respond to surveys.

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