February proved to be a big month for product updates. We rolled out a new best practice module for business capability mapping which was accompanied by a handful of feature improvements. In addition, there were a few facelifts on our views and a new view available for early access. 

More best practices are on their way so keep your eye out on how you can apply these to new use cases and expand the scope of your EA overview.

Ardoq best practices

Follow our continuous updates and request access to Early Access trials of new functionality with our Product Portal found in-app under the help section. 

Newly Released

Business Capability Modeling Module 🥳

The BCM module is a complete best practice which includes everything you need to get started. As with everything in Ardoq, you can extend or simplify this module to better meet your organization's needs. The module comes out-of-the-box with: 

  • Surveys

  • Dashboards

  • Calculated Fields

  • Pre-defined meta model

  • Reference models for multiple industries

  • Presentations

  • Excel template and importer configuration

  • Complete on Business Capability Modeling

If you would like to try this module you can find it in-app by clicking the Ardoq logo on the top left, or reach out in our chat or to your CSM to get an introduction

Ardoq menu

Update to Survey Functionality

The Survey module has also been improved and will continue to get a few major updates in the coming weeks. This round of updates includes support for hierarchies to be used in filtering and navigation as you see in the new out of the box BCM survey below.

Ardoq survey functionality

Bubble Chart Update

The Bubble Chart now includes the ability to show all components regardless of where in the hierarchy they reside. This is means that you can now show all nested capabilities plotted in the same bubble chart.

Ardoq bubble chart

AWS Integration (Beta)

Our new AWS integration is now available for all customers. This can be found under the integration overview. Still in beta, you can connect your EC2 cloud with Ardoq to pull a variety of components, all of their fields and tags, and their references. 

Early Access

ServiceNow Integration

Our ServiceNow Integration will now support two-way integrations allowing you to manage and enrich your data in either Ardoq or ServiceNow. Once the certification process is completed, you will no longer need admin rights to manage your integration. 

Coming Up 


The next rounds of improvements in surveys will include the ability to add a "Parent" question to a survey, show "Read Only" fields, and enable survey users to delete components. We are also planning on including more support for notifications and invitations to improve the engagement across your org. 

New View: Component Matrix

There has long been a need to create views that can show multiple dimensions, hierarchies, references, and fields. in one clean view. The Component Matrix is a view designed to do just that. 

Below you see applications sorted by their supplier (Reference) and service level (List Field)

Ardoq Component matrix

Improved Home Screen

Traditionally the home screen has been where you find an overview of your workspaces and folder. Soon you will also be able to manage all of your assets and quickly sort, search and organize your presentations, dashboards, surveys and workspaces.

Ardoq home screen

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