March has proven to be an interesting month, to say the least. Still, our Product Team has taken this opportunity to show how much they believe that the work-from-home situation can actually contribute to productivity

This month we are happy to announce quite a few big releases as well as some exciting progress to the 2020 roadmap. 

New Views, Use Cases, Asset Management, Home Screen, and much more.

Ardoq menu best practice modules

New Best Practice Module Menu (Left ) for loading full configuration, driven by use cases, new Home design and asset management.

Remember to follow our continuous updates and request access to Early Access trials of new functionality with our Product Portal found in-app under the help section. Your feedback has a direct impact on our prioritizations and we truly appreciate it. 

Ardoq product portal

Newly Released

New Ardoq Home with better Asset Management

The Ardoq Home screen has gotten a facelift to help you better sort your workspaces, presentations, surveys, meta models. 

Users reported that they often wanted to have a folder of everything relevant to a team in one place, so now you can. In addition, we added filter chips to quickly filter to the things you are looking for. Combined with the search bar you will be able to navigate between presentations, surveys and workspaces seamlessly.

Ardoq workspaces navigation

You can also favorite your surveys and workspaces to keep the things you frequent most readily available.

Best Practice Modules Menu

Under this new menu, you can find our best practice modules for several different use cases. These are all designed to be combined, expanded upon, and to give you the quickest time to value. Each module comes out-of-the-box with: 

  • Surveys

  • Dashboards

  • Calculated Fields

  • Pre-defined meta model

  • Reference models for multiple industries

  • Presentations

  • Excel template and importer configuration

  • Complete Best Practices Use Cases articles

Ardoq best practice modules

New Best Practice Module: Strategic Planning and Execution

Building on our first two best practice modules, the third module brings the discussion and scope to the strategic level. 

The Strategic Planning and Execution Module allows you to capture your strategy, objectives, and projects and connect them to the architecture they are impacting. 

Again this is designed to build on the Application Portfolio Management and Business Capability Modeling modules with the full flexibility of Ardoq to extend the scope as you see fit. 

Out of the box, you can answer these critical questions with complete pre-configured assets like surveys, reports, and meta-models.

  1. What are the strategic objectives of our company?

  2. What projects realize the strategic objectives, and when will these be delivered?

  3. Who is responsible for the most critical projects, and what are these impacting?

  4. What are the potential conflicts in the projects we are running?

Ardoq timeline view

Timeline view of ongoing and planned Projects, the Objectives they are realizing and the Strategies they are supporting.

Another Major Update to Survey Functionality

The Survey module has yet again gone through another round of critical improvements. 

Now you can manage hierarchies and filter references - meaning the information you capture from your surveys can more easily integrate into the structure of your Ardoq models.

And thanks to the new hierarchy filter, survey users can navigate those same hierarchies – for example, our new Business Capability Models - to find the surveys most relevant to them.

This round of improvements includes: 

  • Rich Text Editing

  • Dynamic sizing of text boxes in Surveys

  • Hierarchy Filters

  • Advance Search Supported Reference Filters

  • Read-Only Questions for improved context

  • Responsive error messaging for end-users

Ardoq surveys rich text editing

New View: Component Matrix

The component matrix is now available for everyone under the manage views tab in your workspaces. 

There has long been a need to create views that can show multiple dimensions, hierarchies, references, and fields. In one clear view. The Component Matrix is a view designed to do just that. 

Below you see applications sorted by their experts (Referenced people) and capabilities they realize. The view also supports List fields. 

Ardoq component matrix

Field Management, Organization-Wide

Have you ever wanted to "bulk" remove a field from all workspaces or quickly identify where a mysterious field is currently used?

After feedback from the support chat, we decided to quickly launch the first step towards better management of fields across your entire organization

From the main menu (bottom left), Admins can find the new manage fields menu under the organization settings. 

Ardoq field management

Here you can get a searchable list of all your fields in use today and quickly remove those which you no longer need. 

We understand that many are wanting more functionality in global management, so please feel free to comment and follow our product portal. 

Early Access

ServiceNow Integration

Our ServiceNow Integration now supports two-way integrations allowing you to manage and enrich your data in either Ardoq or ServiceNow. Once the certification process completes, you will no longer need admin rights to manage your integration

Coming Up 

New Pages View

The pages view is the best way to get your textual overview. Still, it has been missing some design and usability attention, so that is precisely what we are doing. 

The new view enables you to select specific references and fields to display, and these settings can save to your presentations, giving you better control over what to share. 

Ardoq pages view

Collapsible Groups

Reducing the noise is critical when looking at large connected datasets. Often as a user telling a story, we want to aggregate and simplify our visualizations. 

Collapsing groups is one way we can use the graph to give you better control of dynamic data-driven visualizations. 

The first version of this functionality is being tested in the block diagram.

Ardoq collapsible groups

Design sketch of collapsing groups by click in the block diagram.  

Thank you!

Finally, we would like to thank you for all the feedback, beta testing and continued use of Ardoq. 

We hope that the work from home situation improves for everyone and that you all take care. 

If you would like to be more active in contributing to our product roadmap, reach out to your CSM or in the chat and we will do what we can to involve in the projects you care most about.

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