We've had quite a few public holidays over the last few months, including Norway's Constitution Day, but no amount of waffles and ice cream (at a distance of course) can slow down the Ardoq product teams.

In fact, over the last few weeks, we have released a bunch of exciting improvements to views, out of the box integrations and permission management.

Here's what you should know:

Group Permissions Launched

Managing permissions can be one of the most critical parts of governance - and we know it's a big help (or hindrance) to many of you. With that in mind we have a few major updates to permission management on the roadmap and the first just rolled out: Group Permissions.

Now admins can create user groups and manage workspace permissions by groups or individuals giving you more control and efficiency without losing granularity.

Ardoq group permissions

Pages View Update

One of our most used views for keeping an overview of basic information is the Pages view.

With the latest update, you have more control over what to show in the form of fields and reference types (which are part of presentation configuration) and an overall UX facelift.

In addition, the updates to the view are optimized to also handle larger datasets with much better performance.

Ardoq pages view

ServiceNow Scheduling

The ServiceNow integration is still improving continuously and some of the recent updates reduce the workload of the admins significantly by creating support for routine syncs.

Scheduled sync is now available for all org admins and can be found after running a successful test as you see below.

In addition, we have made some minor UX improvements to the navigator.

Ardoq ServiceNow scheduling

Honorable Mentions

  • Excel Importer has had major speed improvements

  • For our multinational partners, new Login flow for users with access to EU and US data centers.

Coming Soon

Collapsable Groups

Visually interacting with the graph to group, collapse, and drill-down is a major improvement to navigation and storytelling. Currently, the visualization team is working on using the Block Diagram as the starting point for collapsable groups.

Ardoq collapsable groups


Modeling and analyzing multiple scenarios is a challenging task every architect faces, regardless of specialization. Ardoq's approach to Scenarios builds on the best practices of branching and enables users to manage multiple Scenarios at scale, based on data, for better analysis and agility.

The first beta version of Scenarios is already out to a select group of testers. Expect to see exciting news and details in the coming weeks!

Ardoq scenarios

*Looking at a branched scenario with the difference highlighted in red, blue, or green within Diff Mode.

Thanks to our Beta Testers!

Thank you to everyone for all the feedback, responses, and beta testing!

If you would like to contribute more to our product roadmap, reach out to your CSM or in the chat to tell us about the projects you care most about.

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