This month's product releases bring together some long-standing projects including the final certification of ServiceNow and the opening of the Scenarios Beta program.

We have also made the first move to massively improving permission management and collaboration by rolling out Survey Contributors as a new user group.

Ardoq Is Now Fully Certified With Service Now

ServiceNow is a SaaS that offers a large set of capabilities, such as configuration- and incident management.

With the current ServiceNow integration, you can fetch data from ServiceNow and import it as components and references into Ardoq. The possibility to perform two-way- and scheduled synchronization is also on its way.

This has been available for some time but we now have fully completed certification, which means Ardoq can now be found on the ServiceNow store.

Follow these instructions to get started with the ServiceNow integration.

Scenarios Beta

The highly anticipated and leading-edge use case, Scenarios in Ardoq, is now available for testing as a Beta feature.

Scenarios in Ardoq lets you select a subset of your components from across your workspaces, where you can make changes in isolation from the mainline. You can then compare, share and present the suggested changes - to your team, and to your stakeholders to get buy-in and alignment, and to find the best way forward.

If you want to check out this upcoming feature in development or just want more behind the scenes knowledge on where we are with this groundbreaking capability, please check out Ardoq scenarios modeling.

Current capabilities and next steps of this feature:

  • The current version lets you create, manage and compare a scenario to the mainline.

  • Merging from the mainline to the scenario and back will be tacked in the next iteration, coming later this year.

  • Search, analytics and reporting that reflects scenarios will be addressed after the merging is in place.

If you want to follow the progress or provide feedback to the product team, remember to check out the product portal. Available in app from the help menu

Open up your Surveys with Survey Contributors

The new Ardoq Contributor role makes it far easier to distribute your Ardoq surveys and harvest information from the far corners of your organization.

Now instead of setting survey respondents up as users in Ardoq, customers who use Azure Active Directory (AAD) for Single Sign On (SSO) can set up the new Contributor role in AAD and stakeholders organization-wide can access Surveys by authenticating with their SSO credentials (they will not, however, be able to access the Ardoq application itself).

It's a small change, but one that opens up Ardoq Surveys to a much wider audience.

See our knowledgebase article on Single sign-on with Azure Active Directory for more details.

Collapsible Groups

Block diagrams are getting a major facelift with Collapsible Groups, a new feature that gives you the ability to aggregate your data more effectively and a better, more intuitive way to visually interact with your diagram.

Collapsible groups follows your regular grouping rules and a great way to test it is to look at the hierarchies in your workspaces.

Go check it out on your existing diagrams or learn all about grouping in block diagram.

Up and coming

Dependency Map Update

Expanding on the view formatting and functionality

SAML support

Improving our SSO options

Azure Active Directory (people data integration)

Bring people into the Graph and connect to your architecture.

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