With autumn officially here, it’s time to take a look back at the product updates the team has released during the summer months. July and August brought a bunch of performance improvements, usability, and feature enhancements.

Here’s a roundup of what you need to know:

Seamless Excel Export and Import

Improvements to the Excel Exporter make it possible to group components from the same workspace together into one sheet, as well as references with the same source and target workspace when you export Excel files in-app. In addition, we have improved file format to be aligned with our importing best practices making exporting, editing, and importing a smooth painless process.

Ardoq Excel export and import

Improved Importing Capabilities

Importing data into an existing workspace becomes much easier with the improvement to the Excel- / ServiceNow- / AWS- / insert-your-source-of-choice-here Importer. You can now (literally) forget about the component type and workspace meta-model. With this update, you are able to select from existing component types, eliminating the risk of getting mismatches with the model.

In other words, when you’re importing into an existing workspace:

  • You can only pick from component types which already exist in the workspace

  • You can only pick component types which are at the selected hierarchy level for that column

  • The default selection is the column header (if it's a valid option), otherwise the first valid component type

Ardoq importing capabilities

Multiple Account Support for Alibaba and AWS

The Alibaba integration is now available for all customers. In addition, both Alibaba and AWS now come with support for multiple accounts and role-based authentication, which we hope will make your life easier.

Ardoq multiple account support for Alibabe and AWS

New and Updated Buttons in Block Diagram

We’ve talked about Collapsible Groups before a feature that gives you the ability to aggregate your data more effectively and a better, more intuitive way to visually interact with your diagram.

To make things even easier for you, we introduced some new useful buttons and updated some others.

Expand and Collapse All Buttons

For convenience, two buttons on the view toolbar are provided to expand or collapse all groups in the view.

Ardoq expand and collapse buttons

Progressive Layout and the Optimize Layout Button

Collapsing and expanding groups results in a progressive layout where graph elements are biased to remain close to their previous positions. This is so human eyes can easily follow the transition when a group's collapsed state changes.

However, this may not produce the most optimal layout for the new state of the graph, since the size of the collapsed or expanded group has changed. This is especially critical when saving the view to a presentation since it will use a reset and optimized layout, which may not match the current one.

The Optimize layout button will rebuild the graph with the most optimal use of the available space while retaining the state of collapsed and expanded groups, and

produce the same layout that would appear in a presentation slide.

Ardoq optimise layout button

Read more about grouping in Block Diagram to learn about grouping rules.

General Performance Improvements

This summer we’ve also made some performance improvements to make things faster and save you time when working in Ardoq:

  • We released some minor performance improvements to workspace loading that should result in up to 5% less time taken to open large workspaces or multiple workspaces.

  • We also deployed a performance improvement to Block Diagram rendering that should result in up to 10% less time taken to open or update the Block Diagram

Upcoming Developments


Getting people into the picture provides a context for collaboration and impact like never before. Our first step to managing this type of data is to utilize existing integrations like Azure AD. A lot of exciting developments to come around how we can harness this data and the graph to drive entirely new value in Enterprise Architecture.

Scenarios Launch

Over the last six months, we have been talking a lot about Scenario (to-be) modeling. Finally, we will be releasing the first version of Scenarios on the 22nd of September together with our annual Tech Fest. Watch this space!

Relationship view updates

As your data grows, the need for continuous improvements follows. We have spent a lot of time tackling the most used views to ensure the highest level of performance when dealing with large datasets. The relationship view is the latest to get a full facelift and performance enhancement. This view is in beta already now, so reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in testing it out.

Upcoming Event

We are excited to announce that Scenarios will be out of beta and hitting the public with our launch event on September 22nd. Note: You now can watch the on-demand recording of the Ardoq Tech Fest 2020.

As always, remember to follow our continuous updates and request access to Early Access trials of new functionality with our Product Portal found in-app under the help section.

Until next time,

The Ardoq team ❤️

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