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Testing, Running, and Troubleshooting Broadcasts
Testing, Running, and Troubleshooting Broadcasts
There are our best practices for testing out and managing your Broadcasts, and what to do if things go wrong.
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Before you start sending out messages, you’re going to want to test your Broadcast. This is particularly true if you have complex filter rules or scheduling, or have built a workflow.

Fortunately, you can run a Broadcast before you publish it to make sure it behaves as you intended.

The easiest way to test your Broadcast is to have it send messages to yourself.

If you’re not the intended audience, you can use the email or people workspace audience options to ensure the Broadcast will only send messages to you.

Ardoq Broadcasts test

Then go to the Broadcast Overview page. Your Broadcast will have a status of ‘unpublished’.

You can trigger a one-time run of your Broadcast by clicking on the context menu. This will send a message to you immediately and you’ll see what your audience will see.

Ardoq one time broadcast

If you’ve built a workflow, you can do this for each step.

If you’re using a predefined or Gremlin query to build your audience, then you have the option of creating test components or references, or of modifying the filter so it sends messages only to you.

But also don’t forget that the audience preview allows you to validate the recipients before you publish.

Once you’re satisfied that the Broadcast is working correctly, click on the Launch Broadcast button.

Running and Troubleshooting Broadcasts

The Broadcast Overview provides a summary of all your current Broadcasts. Here you can see their status, latest schedule, and the history of individual Broadcasts.

ardoq broadcasts overview

Clicking on the name of a published Broadcast shows you its summary.

ardoq broadcasts details

Doing the same for an unpublished Broadcast takes you directly to the Broadcast Builder.

From the context menu, you can trigger either unpublished or running Broadcast for a one-off run, or launch them. You can also edit, rename, copy and delete Broadcasts from here.

Editing a published Broadcast will set it to Unpublished and you’ll need to Launch it again. This is to prevent accidental changes from being made to running Broadcasts.

The summary page also shows you if there’s a problem with your Broadcasts through Warnings or Errors.

A Broadcast with one or more Warnings will continue to run but may not behave as intended; a Broadcast with Errors will be paused as it non longer has all the elements it needs to run - for example, its Survey or underlying Workspace has been deleted.

In either case, the Broadcast Builder will show you exactly where the problems are so you can get your Broadcast up and running again.

If you still have questions or need more information, browse our Knowledge Base, or reach out to us via our website or by using the in-app chat.

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