Alibaba Cloud Integration

Easily import your Alibaba cloud data into Ardoq by following these four steps. Note that this is a Beta feature.

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NOTE! This is a beta feature. Please let us know if you experience issues or have feedback.

Follow these steps to set up an integration:

1.) Navigate to the Integrations page:

Ardoq integrations

2.) Click the Alibaba Cloud logo:

Ardoq Alibaba Cloud

3.) Enter your AWS-credentials and optionally narrow down the context to fetch data from:

Ardoq Alibaba access key

4.) Follow the same steps as in the Excel- and ServiceNow-importer to map columns to Ardoq-elements. Follow the steps from nr. 7 in How To Import ServiceNow Server Data into Ardoq.

How To Schedule Your Import

After a successful test run, you have the option to schedule your import. You can choose to import on a daily or weekly basis.

  1. Click the "Create schedule" button in the "Test summary" page.

  2. Next, give a name to your import and select an interval.

  3. Click "Save schedule" to activate your schedule.

    To view all of your active schedules and manage them, navigate to the "Schedule Management" tab.

Demo video:

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