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Ardoq Single Sign-On Integrations
Ardoq Single Sign-On Integrations

Integrate with Azure Active Directory, Okta, Google, GitHub, Ping Identity, NetIQ, or Safewhere to facilitate SSO across the organization.

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Facilitating Single Sign-on (SSO) across the organization makes work easy. Luckily, there are several integration options with Ardoq. We'll quickly take you through the basics here.


To enable SSO with Ardoq, our organization needs to be on a sub-domain (example: <your-organization>`).

Supported SSO solutions / integrations

Ardoq supports SSO using the following protocols

Which one do I choose?

If you want to manage user roles from the identity provider, choose SAML. With SAML SSO you are able to optionally pass in an "attribute" which indicates what role a user should be assigned.

2-factor authentication

Ardoq relies on our SSO providers for 2-factor authentication. The setup can not be done within Ardoq, and is entirely configured within the SSO provider.

Roles and User groups

Currently, only the Azure Active Directory application (using SAML) supports role assignments from the Identity Provider "out of the box" (more on that here).
If you'd like some individual support on this, reach out to us via or by using the in-app chat.

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