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Build a roadamp by visualizing components along 2 axes without displaying references between components.
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Please be informed that the Roadmap view will be deprecated on May 1st, 2023.

We recommend transitioning to a combination of the Component Matrix and Timeline Views.

We are constantly working to improve the user experience and performance of Ardoq. To achieve this, we sometimes need to retire older visualizations that no longer align with our product vision or have been replaced by more effective alternatives.

To assist you with this transition, we have created a migration guide. Please skip to Step 2 in the guide to replace your existing Roadmap Views with a combination of the Component Matrix and Timeline Views.

Key steps in the migration process:

Please start the migration process as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition before the deprecation date. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

This view gives you a way to visualize components along 2 axes without displaying references between components.

This layout is, as the name suggests, perfect for building a roadmap, but you may find plenty of other uses for it.

Building a roadmap

The view’s rows and columns are configurable in different ways:

Columns - Select list field

  • Select a field of type List using the dropdown at the top-left of the view.

  • The order of the columns will follow the order of the list field’s options and can not be modified.

  • The selected field is remembered until you change it, and is empty by default.

Rows: parent, or any field

  • The default behavior for rows is to group components by their parent.

  • You can group rows by any field’s value by applying a Group Perspective for that field.

Ardoq roadmap

Here’s a look at the workspace model for the marketing roadmap above:

Ardoq roadmap model

Since blog posts often get rescheduled, I wanted to be able to quickly drag & drop them under new “Target Month” components, rather than editing a field value.

Each component type has a List field called “Campaign” that determines which column it shows up in.

Toggling component types

The legend at the top of Roadmap View gives you the ability to quickly toggle component types on or off:

Ardoq roadmap toggle component types

Sharing your roadmaps


In addition to exporting your roadmaps as image files, you can also add them as slides in presentations. When viewed in a presentation, the legend toggles are useable, and clicking on a component displays its description.

Ardoq export roadmap


If your team is collaborating on a workspace in Ardoq, remember that as the workspace administrator, you can define the default visualization and Perspective that all users see when they open it (in the “Edit workspace properties” menu).

Setting these defaults gives you control over users’ first impression of the workspace and makes sure everyone starts on the same page.

Ardoq collaborate roadmap
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