Jira Create Issues Integration

Follow this simple step-be-step guide to link Ardoq with your JIRA account and create issues there directly.

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This integration will allow you to create issues in JIRA from Ardoq.

  1. Log into Ardoq.

  2. Go to Preferences/Organization settings/Manage current.

Ardoq manage current organization

3. In the pop-up window, click on Jira and copy the Application Link.

Ardoq Jira application link

4. Now, leave Ardoq open and log into JIRA.

5. Click on the gear icon and go to Applications.

Ardoq Jira applications

6. In the left column, click on Application links. Paste the application link you copied from Ardoq in the box and click on the Create new link button.

Ardoq Jira application links

7. In the pop-up window, click Continue.

Ardoq Jira configure application URL

8. In the next window, fill in the mandatory fields and tick the Create incoming links-box. For the Request token URL, Access token URL and Authorize URL, fill in some random text, for example 'ardoq'. click Continue.

Ardoq Jira link applications

9. Now, leave Jira as it is and go back to Ardoq.

10. Go to Menu/Organization/Manage [your organization].

11. Click on Jira and paste your JIRA endpoint without trailing slash in the first box.

Ardoq Jira endpoint

12. In the same window you will need to, in turn, copy the Consumer Key as well as click on Show public key and copy this key.

Ardoq Jira consume key

13. Now, go back to Jira.

14. Paste the Consumer Key in the first box. Enter the name of your choice in the second box. Paste the Public Key in the third box. Click Continue.

Ardoq Jira public key

15. Now, go back to Ardoq and click on Authenticate.

Ardoq Jira authenticate

16. In the next window, click Allow.

Ardoq Jira allow

17. Add Jira view – Add the Jira view to your workspace by selecting from the “Manage Views” menu:

Ardoq Jira view

18. You’re all done!

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