After months of planning and development, September has been an exciting month for Ardoq, our users, and the industry overall.

Big thanks to everyone who attended Ardoq’s annual Ardoq Tech Fest with lots of insight and inspiration being shared from industry experts, thought leaders, and disruptors.

Missed the event but want to catch up? You can watch the Ardoq Tech Fest 2020 full recording.

We also got to show off a game-changing capability that is already revolutionizing the EA space.

Meet Scenarios!

Be ready to confidently empower the right decisions throughout your digital transformation journey. With Scenarios, you can now quickly create, compare, and simulate the impact of change based on data and market-leading collaboration.

Ardoq scenarios

With Scenarios, you are able to:

🏹 Design at speed without losing confidence

πŸ”— Be in constant sync with an organization and world in flux

πŸ“ˆ Connect powerful data to your intuition and experience

We showed a live demo of this new powerful capability at Tech Fest. If you didn’t catch it live, be sure to watch the recording.

And here are some handy resources to get you started with Scenarios:

Up and Coming

Scenarios merge functionality

The scenario merge functionality will enable you to:

  • Keep your scenario up to date with changes in the mainline

  • Merge what you have modeled back to the mainline

Scenarios analytics

Scenario analytics allows you to measure and compare your different scenarios on an aggregated level. Your dashboards and reports on for instance cost or risk will reflect the changes you suggest or plan for each alternative.

🀝 Big thanks to those who tested Scenarios and everyone who has been giving feedback and pushing for even better capabilities. Our roadmap is built with you!

πŸš€ If you are curious to learn about how Scenarios can help you transform your organization, be sure to reach out to your CSM!

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