This monthโ€™s candy bag of product releases serves up a lot of performance and usability improvements as well as useful updates to various integrations.

Read all the highlights below:

Updates to Importers

This month weโ€™ve made several performance improvements to all importers (Excel, ServiceNow, AWS, etc.) to give you a better and faster journey to achieving your objectives.

Errors Turned Into Warnings

Importing higher quality data right from the start is now even smoother. Spend less time on cleaning the data before the import with these handy changes:

  • Duplicated components

If your import data contains duplicate components, all but one will be ignored with a warning. Previously, this would be considered an error that blocked the import, with the exception of ServiceNow.

  • Missing components

If your import data contains a component with a hierarchy that is missing an intermediate component name (eg. level 2 in a 3-level hierarchy is missing), that component will now be ignored with a warning. Previously, this would be considered an error that blocked the import.

Ardoq missing components

Better Handling of Large Imports

The experience of handling large data imports is a much better ride, with an update that allows large imports to take all the time they need, without returning a Bad Gateway error after only a few minutes.

ServiceNow Improvements and Version Update

When using the more secure Ardoq add-on for ServiceNow, you might have experienced issues with requests timing out if they took too long. With some performance improvements, this is now fixed.

We are also happy to let you know that the Ardoq ServiceNow add-on is now certified and published for the latest ServiceNow Paris release.

Ardoq ServiceNow

AWS Import Scheduling

The AWS integration received an update that makes life easier for org admins by providing support for routine syncs. Scheduled imports are now available for all admin users and can be found after running a successful test as seen below.

Ardow AWS import scheduling

Multiple Account Support for Azure

Support for multiple Azure accounts is now available and open for all customers.

Ardoq multiple Account Support for Azure

Add Visual Diff in Scenarios to Presentations

It is now possible to add the visual diff mode of the Block Diagram to a presentation when working with Scenarios. The presentation will show the viewpoint (mainline, diff, or your scenario) you selected when you added the slide, but you can toggle it directly in the presentation to easily compare the changes between your mainline and scenario.

Ardoq visual diff in scenarios presentations

Tip of the Day - Sort Your Timeline View Chronologically

When using the timeline view, it might come in handy to sort it chronologically. Hereโ€™s a little tip on how to do that:

  1. Click on the Sorting button in the navigator

  2. Sort by Live.StartDate

  3. Enjoy!

Ardoq timeline sort

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