This month you’ll find brand new and exciting features and handy updates to some of the existing functionality.

Here’s a roundup of what you need to know:

Latest Releases

Meet Broadcasts - The Newest Addition To Ardoq’s Engagement Platform

Be ready to engage your stakeholders far beyond IT with tailored messages and insights using event-driven automation and graph analysis. Broadcasts makes collaboration a breeze, enabling you to build trust and data confidence when collecting and distributing information across the organization.

With Broadcasts, you are able to:

🚀 Send out Survey invitations and reminders

🚀 Set up data-driven alerts

🚀 Build workflows to orchestrate tasks between team members (including simple approval workflows to take care of your governance needs)

...all based on the structure of your architecture models - giving you full control over who receives your message and under which conditions.

Want to see Broadcasts in action and missed the introduction webinar earlier this month? Here’s a recording for you.

Learn more about how Broadcasts works and check out our collection of how-to guides in the Knowledge Base for step-by-step instructions & ideas for using Broadcasts.

Broadcasts is part of the Engagement Platform / Surveys Module add-on. If you would like to get an introduction, please reach out to your CSM or contact us through the in-app chat.

Harness The Full Power Of Broadcasts With Azure Active Directory People Data Integration

Integrate your stakeholder map right into your architecture models and use it to route your broadcasts by importing people data into Ardoq straight from Azure Active Directory. The first version comes with the ability to apply filters when importing your data and it includes Managed Workspaces, to help you keep your people data in sync.

ardoq azure active directory people data integration

A More Comprehensive ‘Parent All’ Grouping

It is now possible to display all of the parent components in Block Diagram and Relationships view when grouping by ‘Parent all’ from the Perspective menu.

This view gives you more insight into the top level of the components you are looking at.

ardoq parent all grouping

Run A More In-depth Analysis In The Component Matrix View

With the new ‘Include all descendants’ view modifier, you can now visualize the components across hierarchical levels in the Component Matrix view.

ardoq component matrix

Gain visibility and compare all of your components regardless of their parent, and analyze your portfolio based on any list field and reference type.

Easier Data Import With The Filter Functionality - Now Available To More Integrations

Getting your data into Ardoq just got a lot easier now that the filter functionality is available to several more integrations. In addition to ServiceNow, you can now use filters to restrict the number of components you import into your Ardoq workspaces for the Excel, Azure, AD People Data, AWS, and Alibaba integrations.

ardoq data import with filter

Get Even More Data Into Ardoq With Your Azure Cloud Integration

You can now import the following resources to help you build a more robust business IT landscape from your Azure account:

  • App Service Plans

  • Virtual machine extensions

  • SQL virtual machines

  • SQL virtual clusters

  • Hybrid machines

  • Managed clusters

  • Analysis service servers

  • Availability sets

Easily map them as components or references in Ardoq following our azure integration step-by-step guide.

Schedule Data Imports From Alibaba Cloud Integration

Importing your data into Ardoq from your Alibaba account just got easier. You can now schedule how often you want your data imported from Alibaba Cloud and Ardoq will action this automatically for you. Choose between daily or weekly imports, and automate your data import work.

ardoq schedule data imports from Alibaba Cloud integration

Improved Naming Consistency

We’ve updated the wording from Model to Metamodel to improve consistency throughout the Ardoq app (see the example below). A small change that hopefully makes your experience a bit better.

ardoq improved name consistency

New Guides To Learn And Upskill

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