Here’s a round-up of this month’s highlights:

Latest Releases

New Scenarios Merge Functionality: Data Merge Workflow

Scenarios can now be used to effectively model changes and collaborate at scale without impacting your production data or losing control of the changes impacting your designs.

If you haven’t tested Scenarios yet and you’re eager to try it out, we have some great news for you! We are offering all existing customers free access to Scenarios for a limited three-week period 🙌 . Just reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) by the 31st of May to get the feature enabled in your instance.

The second part of the Scenarios merge workflow, which handles data changes, is now live and available for all organizations with the Scenarios feature enabled.

While the first part of the merge workflow allows you to merge metamodel changes from mainline to your scenario, the added functionality enables you to merge changes to components, references, and tags from both scenario to mainline and from mainline to scenario.

Not yet familiar with the Scenarios feature? Check out this article or this handy video to learn how Scenarios empowers you to design alternate futures, evaluate their impact, and achieve your desired business goals. Seeing is believing!

Scheduled Data Imports From Azure Cloud

Say goodbye to manually syncing your Azure Cloud data with your Ardoq account. 👋 With Scheduled Imports, you can now choose how often you want your data imported from Azure Cloud and Ardoq will do this automatically for you. Select between daily or weekly imports, and automate your data import work.

Contextual Information For Seamless Scheduling

Scheduling data imports from Azure Cloud, AWS, and Alibaba Cloud just got easier. We’ve included Source and Configuration information to provide you with the context needed when setting up an import schedule.

Improved Sequential Grouping In Block Diagram, Relationships, And Timeline Views

It is now possible to visualize components and their references per group they belong to in Block Diagram, Relationships view, and Timeline view. The duplicated components and their references allow for an accurate representation of the grouping rules set on your data, facilitating the analysis of the graph.

Updated Checkbox Fields And Required Questions In Surveys

We fixed an issue with the status for checkbox field components used in surveys. Here’s what you can expect as a result:

  • Improved behavior of required questions with a checkbox field

The checkbox field status now mirrors the one in the core Ardoq app with three values: Not set, Checked, and Unchecked. Required questions will show a warning and be marked incomplete when fields with a Not set status are submitted.

  • Better status overview in the Survey landing page

The checkbox column in the Survey landing page now displays additional information to make it easier for you to track and distinguish between the various statuses of the checkbox fields.

Improved Survey Landing Page In Broadcasts

The survey landing page in Broadcasts got some UX improvements designed to give all survey contributors a better overview and control over their tasks. All submitted surveys remain now available on the survey landing page for easy access in case contributors would like to change or review their answers. Contributors can now also see the ‘Task Status’ for each survey to quickly distinguish between the surveys they’ve already completed and the ones they still need to answer. In addition, the submission rate in the broadcast report now matches the task status of the surveys included in your broadcast.

Digital Transformation Conferences To Attend In 2021

Want to connect with others and talk about all things digital transformation? We’ve put together a list of virtual events not to miss in 2021 if you’d like to keep yourself at the forefront of digital transformation.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Ardoq Spring Tech Fest, an event with lots of inspiration from thought leaders. We even demoed exciting new features to help you drive effective stakeholder engagement in your change processes.

Didn’t catch the live event? You can watch the on-demand recording for the full Ardoq Spring Tech Fest 2021 here.

New Guides To Learn And Upskill

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