The Excel importer, not only allows you to get a lot of data into Ardoq quickly, but it also allows the updating of said data.


  1. Get your Excel spreadsheet ready with all the information that needs to be imported. Navigate to the 'Imports and Integrations' menu from 'home page and select the Excel importer. Once you are in the importer, browse and upload the Excel sheet or just simply drag and drop it in the dedicated window.

2. Now you have arrived at the import menu, where you can directly apply a previously saved config (this is highly recommended for regularly updated imports).

a) Select sheet from your excel file

b) Select components or reference based on what import you are setting up

c) Map your excel data (columns)

In the example, I have three new components to be added to my application workspace. Hence I mapped my App name to 'Component name' and a date attribute to 'field' (see video below).

3. After selecting the appropriate config, click on the 'Test Import' menu at the top right corner. Once the data mapping is set up correctly, there should be no error and you can proceed to update the data by 'Import All'.

If you would like to save your config, go back to the config management tab on the left, provide a name, and select 'save as new'.

Ardoq lets you have components with multiple names, but the importer needs unique names to match and update existing components. However, you can add a “custom id” or “object id”-mapping to get around that limitation!

A unique case is made for matching by ardoq-oid. Here we only update data. It is required to provide correct and unique ardoq-oid for every component.
If you need to add new components, you can add them to another sheet ( for example, with matching component names or whatever you want/have).

If you have not imported excel data to Ardoq before, please refer to our basic excel import guide here to help you get more insights on mapping.

For any questions or further assistance please feel free to drop us an email or contact us via the in-app chat.

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