The Ardoq's contributor lets you share Ardoq's survey and presentations with a wider audience. A contributor can only access the shared presentations or surveys and not the main app. Like any other roles, the Contributor access can now be assigned by authenticating via your organization’s Single Sign-On (AAD) and be now managed in the app.🎉

How to assign a contributor role in Ardoq?

  • Goto ‘Preferences', navigate to ‘Organization settings' and choose 'Manage users’. Add a new user from ‘Manage user’. You should be able to see all your users under the 'User’ tab.

  • Choose the user you would like to set the contributor role and click on ‘Edit’. From the ‘Change Role’ list select ‘Contributor’ and then update the role (see image below)

This user will now be a contributor and you should be able to see them listed under the ‘Contributors’ tab.

You can also set a default role for new users to ‘Contributors’ but remember that all new users will join as contributors, after this setting. Note this is the case when users are created via “just in time provisioning” where a user gets created and added to the organization automatically when they sign in using SSO.

What s the best way to change a large number of Ardoq users to contributors

You can add the users to a group and set the permissions to ‘Ardoq contributors’ in AAD. However, you cannot add a contributor to a permission group in Ardoq.

Remember to set the user role management ‘in-app only’. If you have user management set to 'external and in app' the external role set (for example in AAD) would always override the roles set in-app

What is the benefit of assigning a contributor role?

If you have a large number of read-only users that are taking up a significant number of user licenses, then assigning contributor roles lets you share presentations or surveys without having to worry about their user licenses. Thus you can enable some limited access for non-Ardoq users. It also helps in limiting your workspace access.

How can Contributors be given access to surveys?

  • Set your survey respondent(s) as a 'Contributor'

  • Choose the survey you would like to share and click on ‘three dots’ and choose permissions. Then, allow ‘access to survey’ for Survey Contributors

  • Share the survey link with the corresponding survey contributors.

If you would like to set up SSO please refer to the articles. In case you need some one-on-one support on this, reach out to us via our website or by using the in-app chat. ⌨️

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