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Latest Releases

Introducing The Global Document Archive– Making Files Accessible

Have you ever wished you could use your uploaded files across multiple workspaces? With our Document Archive’s Global new feature, you can do just that. 💪 Simply drag and drop any type of file, in bulk or one by one, into our sparkling new Document Archive UI, and link it to any component regardless of the workspace it belongs to.

ardoq document archive

You can now download your files directly from the Global tab, link them in the component description text from the Pages view, and use your image files as an icon to visually represent your components.

A Slicker Block Diagram View And The New Separate References View Modifier

References in the Block Diagram view are now automatically grouped by type. This allows for a neater, easier-to-read graph that helps you quickly understand the relationship between your components. 🔍 To analyze your graph in detail and visualize all references separately, click on the new ‘Separate References’ view modifier.

ardoq block diagram

Trigger Your Broadcasts From References

Since launching Broadcasts back in March, we’ve been working on a series of enhancements based on your feedback: the ability to search and sort broadcasts, better reminder tracking, and the option to add company logos in broadcast messages, for starters.

Now, we are happy to announce a major functionality update: the ability to trigger a broadcast from a reference. Up until now, you've only been able to trigger a broadcast when a component is created or if its fields are updated. Now, you can also trigger a broadcast when a component reference is changed or gets updated.

ardoq incoming references

Use the reference filter to trigger a broadcast whenever:

- An existing Project creates a new impact on an existing Application

- A Person is made the owner of an existing Application

- A Business Process is updated to process Customer Data

- A Technology is logged as complying (or not complying) with a Control like NIST or OWASP

...and a lot more.

With this enhancement, you can now route your broadcasts based on any data change in your architecture to the right people, wherever they are in the organization.

Easily Add Presentations To Your Broadcast Message And Quickly Spot Those With Limited Read Access

We wanted to make the process of inserting a presentation to a broadcast message fast and easy, so we added the new 'Add Presentation' (▶️) feature in the message editor. You can now swiftly find a presentation and know if everyone in your broadcast audience can access it.

ardoq broadcast builder

Look for the yellow triangle warning sign (⚠️) next to the name of the presentation in the Presentation picker to quickly identify the presentations with 'Only me' or 'Use Workspace Permissions' read access.

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