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Block Diagram Now Gives More Power to You!

When you share a Block Diagram with your team, you make it easier for them to understand complicated flows among precise components. The diagram enables you and your team to follow the consequence of change across your multiple systems and domains. With optimized coding, it now loads up to 100% faster.

Change continuously grows and shifts context. So, we understand that getting top-level performance from your web app can greatly shorten decision-making time and make the difference between creating a good story and a great one.

How does twice as fast sound? 💪 Try it out! 😍

Save Time With This Handy Update to Surveys

You can now rename and make changes to a survey with validation errors as long as it is unpublished. This means less time spent on making sure each validation error is fixed before being able to save your invalid survey. The update also enables you to safely navigate away from the Survey Builder and continue where you left off so you don’t have to worry about losing your work.

Ardoq update to Surveys

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